DWG eTransmit

When you finished a DWG drawing, we sometimes need to send our drawings to workmate or boss to have a look. However, it is hard to compress the DWG files, then you need a special tool to help us.

With DWG eTransmit, you can securely send complete dwg files to anyone via email. You can easily compress and transmit dwg files -include all associated files and xrefs-as a single information set to anyone with email, this means that all the design information travels as a secure, digital packet, there are no lost materials no confusion about updates ,no time spend organizing and arranging for delivery of hard-copy equivalents ,and no delivery charges. (User Guide: How to Compress DWG Files)

Only $29.95

Best DWG eTransmit Key Features

  • No need of AutoCAD;
  • Support AutoCAD DWG R9~R2012;

DWG eTransmit System Requirements

OS: Win95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP