How to Convert DWF to PDF?

Q: Have a bunch of DWFs (because it’s smart!), but company Netbooks assigned to Techs are Linux-based…Autodesk still won’t support Linux w/DesignReview and company won’t use FreeWheel (proprietary info, security, etc.). So, is there a way to convert a DWF into a PDF, keeping the multi-sheets, and is there a way to batch convert? Thanks, Everyone.

A: Just use the DWG to PDF Converter to help you convert DWF to PDF, you can even batch publish your DWF drawing files to PDF files of any size to answer your specific needs, such as to facilitate the readers of your CAD drawings who have no AutoCAD-based software products installed on their computers.

Now you may free download the DWF to PDF Converter and follow the guide below to learn how to convert DWF to PDF.

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Step-by-step Tutorial: How to Download DWF to PDF?

Step 1. Click the "Add" button to add one or more than one drawing files you want to convert, you can also drag the files from your computer and drop them on the drawing file List.

load dwf files

Step 2. To set the layout type of the supposed output, it could be: current layout, only model space layout, all layouts, all paper space layouts and user sets.

set layouts

Step 3. Locate where it reads "Browse" toward the top of the screen and click the button to select the location on your computer where you want the PDF output files saved.

choose output folder

Step 4. Click on the "Convert Now!" button that is located in the right of the screen at the bottom to start the DWF to PDF conversion. When the pop-up appears to let you know that the conversion is finished, just click "OK" and you can use the new PDF files.

start conversion

Note: This just only a brief steps about how to use the converter, there are many function such as export layer, watermark setting and usage etc. So you can use these functions to customize your files.

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